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Using the internets to shape a new concept

The web changed many consumption processes we used to have but not the way we buy clothes.

We believe our model can make a change for the future of fashion by offering high quality and affordable products directly to you, without intermediaries.

Noble materials

We pick the best materials so that our pieces will last years, not months. Leathers, yarns, fabrics, accessories : it takes to time and knowledge to evaluate pros & cons, then decide what to pick.

European ‘savoir-faire’

We collaborate with the best workshops in Europe to create high quality and functional products. During months, we iterate over prototypes to find the ultimate piece we’re confident to produce.

New pricing strategy

This is one of the core aspect of our model. We cut all logistic costs a traditional luxury brand would have. And because we sell it directly to you on our website, we don’t have to share revenues with retailers, marketplaces or agents.

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